Hi everyone,
I introduce myself: I am Jenbrother and I apologize already.
I know I will not be able to do a professional translation.
The reasons are many:

  • I work alone by choice and necessity
  • I’m not a professional translator
  • I have a limited knowledge of the Japanese language, although refined in the years of hard amateur work
    -The Harlem Blade internal code is really … complex.

Although today we aim at standardization, in 1996 everyone had their own proprietary protocols, including video games.
To make it very short and without going into technicalities, I am translating the game with strong limitations.
I must respect the length of the original text and then make a large adaptation to the original text, as well as distorting the punctuation to avoid incurring graphic bugs.
Aware of these limitations I invite you to stay tuned, the work proceeds well and the motivation is not lacking.

I am working on the NEC PC9801 version of the game released in 1996, with the intention of adapting this translation also for the Microsoft WIndows version of Harlem Blade.

I conclude by reminding you that the English translation of Harlem Blade is a non-profit amateur work.
All rights are reserved and belong to GIGA, TGL and entitled.
Therefore if they consider this initiative inappropriate, I will cancel this project in compliance with the existing copyright rules.


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