Here we are again, another update or if you prefer more information.
The translation of the game proceeds almost daily, I realize it will be a real miracle to complete the translation work for 2019, perhaps I have underestimated the amount of work, but in any case I’ll try.

The move to Windows has not generally helped the visual novelties in general and harlem Blade unfortunately is no exception.
Let’s forget about the VHS-like plastic version of the PC98 version of the game.
The case is a removable vertical carton that gives access to a white box without any special decorations.
Inside the game there will be the game cd-rom and a discreet instruction manual, which takes up the sketch of the artbook.
Very valuable is the new game cover, which enhances the game’s cast.
Inside the cd-rom there are the JPEGs of this image in different size formats.

In terms of adaptation, the game in this version leaves us rather perplexed.
The big and substantial improvement to the original game is the inclusion of dubbing for female characters. Unfortunately the recording of the dubbing is decidedly poor, you can almost hear an “empty room” effect when the actresses speak the game dialogues.
It is something quite inexplicable given that at that time we were used to other dubbing of quality.
Further point against the game is the fact that at present the title is bootable up to Windows XP 32bit, after which, in any way the game is impossible to start it from the most modern Windows operating systems.
The title also starts forcedly in full screen and on current PCs the passage from 4: 3 to 16: 9 is terrible.
This version has full gaming support with the mouse, making the title more fluid in itself, as well as a remastering of the game music with Windows audio, more powerful than that of PC98.
For these reasons I preferred to concentrate on the PC98 version of the game. The Neko Neko emulator works correctly on all operating systems, the improvements between one version and another do not justify the transition from the original version of the game to the newer version of Windows.


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