Last afternoon I finish to realize an important part of Harlem Blade Project: The World Map.

Below, you can find some informations taken from official game, enjoy (translation ongoing is around 28%):

Mayplease World Map

  1. Natoka Village
  2. Nakota Mountain
  3. Catania
  4. Bale Port
  5. Palermo
  6. Castle Town
  7. Colosseum
  8. Hospital
  9. Wiss Ain
  10. Gall Forest
  11. The Ruins of Lazatera
  12. Gargantua’s Pick
  13. Clover’s Cave
  14. Triadia
  15. Septem
  16. Julbre
  17. Wonder Forest
  18. Tai-yu Tower
  19. Tiadi Cave

Note from developers (Come from Harlem Blade guide)

“Here is a map of my magnificent journey, the whole area of the Mayuples continent. Barrow Abel’s Arrow

Reliability is nothing but the thing that has come to mind. When it comes to geography of the whole continent

As expected I was unfamiliar, but this map is from the name of each city to the name of dungeon

I’m firmly harmed. Well this would be enough to serve as a travel companion.”

Note from developers from Harlem Blade Guide’s Map

(Every point is from Cain’s point of view, BEWARE some spoilers inside place description)

Natoka Village

It’s the departure point of the trip and it’s the end of me and Abel

Small village. Of course the Chocolate is also brought up here

It was The lord is the father of chocolate, Sach Brandil.

Nakota Mountain

Get out of the village and go through the island to the south end, first

Dungeon. At the bottom of this mountain

I met a warrior on the way to go to get a friend.


It is local port that links the island and the mainland,

The largest city on the island of Sen. Brandel

There is a villa in the house, and you can often encounter with Punch.

Bale Port

A port town at the entrance to the continental mainland. Wholesale of fish in the morning market

Selling is a specialty. Because there are many lands, there are many immigrants from tribute every evening

Here i can find Krim, Bosco, Boves and others.


It is the middle of the kingdom this town of is the center of the great family.

Occurs in The town is full of shops and shops.

Special day for festival days according to the schedule of the events.

Castle Town

The castle of the Mables who rule the continent. Garganci

You have to look into the king authorization here to get into the Gargantua Mountain It is also here to meet Princess Millefeille and Queen Noyaget.


An amphitheater located next to the castle. At the Takeuchi convention field,

~ ・ During this month of March when I lost my bag

I can meet Russier who will train 11 am early in the morning.


South of the castle town, in a deep forest, a nun live alone.

Live in It is usually only for the use of force rumatiek

However, when the final stage Boves gets caught, an event occurs.

Wiss Ain

In the village of Yeosu in the middle of Wiss Ain,

Kiyuru’s hometown. It is the same as a mountain and it is snowing in the village.

However, only in the flower field facing the sea, there is no snow for some reason.

Gall Forest

A forest that spreads in the foot of the mountain of Gargantua.

There was a city of Robert. Now only its ruins.

There are times when you can see an Abel or a Sabre in the forest.

The Ruins of Lazatera

Place that was capital in the kingdom of Robert. Now only ruins remain.

The extent of which the mechanism of has been active in the past.

Brute Force isn’t enough to grant access here.

Gargantua’s Pick

A long time ago, a mountain where a brave sealed a magician.

There still seems to be a demon king. The devil interferes with history again.

All is a bit confusing, I do not know the details.

Clover’s cave

A cave that is hidden by the continent, a cloister

Caves. There is also a store, but it is easy to handle simple protective gear.

According, you can meet Ganassil who hides here.


The east and west of the continent was quickly opened as a post town.

However, the gap between the rich and the poor is large. Here’s Torte.

Your choise in this place are important for this city future.


A town located in the central part of the Oishi Desert, located in the eastern part of the continent.

It will be a welcome chrysanthemum cover. The Sheik Sisters’ Hall is here.


The city of Russle, in the territory of the eastern continent. Go to the bar.

I can buy unusual items on Friday market

Here live Lord Samensen, who belongs to the Queen’s relatives.

Wonder Forest

When you move for Muffin, I came here.

A forest dungeon that will be exploited.

Isn’t it a place to live? Defenitely say no.

Tai-yu Tower

A secret drug that unravels the curse of the petrification that has been put on Princess.

The evening Idaliasan’s dong will be explained next.

Along with the caves, the place is somehow hanging out.

Taidi’s Cave

Along with the Tower of Tay Yon, there is another secretive medicine

It is a difficult place to get on a boat.

You have to get two secret medicines at the same time.

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