There is a mistake that practically all those who buy a “perfect collection” of Giga released in the late 90s commit.
This is a collection of images, sketches, videos and music from the original game NOT a Windows version of the game itself.
Unfortunately I also fell for it, but I am pleased to find inside this product, a vast amount of information that otherwise I would not have been able to find about Harlem Blade.
In addition to a cd-rom that can be read both by Windows and Mac-OS systems, everything is accompanied by a poster and a small manual illustrating part of the contents of the artbook published by KSS.

Main cover

Inside the box

In my opinion the content of the CD is very important for two aspects:

Harlem Blade Opening (only on Perfect Collection disk)
  • it contains a new opening both on the PC98 version, and on the Windows version, very well done and animated, which I leave up to this comment.
  • Contains all the soundtrack 3 variants of each musical track of the game. It is not a question of the PC98 audio chipset versions, but rather of the re-editions of the studio music tracks, most likely made to improve game audio in anticipation of porting on Windows 95.
  • It contains exclusive images of the game made by Kimura (among these there is also the cover of the game and the poster).
  • It also contains some nice cartoons created by the developers .

About the progress of the translation … Yesterday I reached 40%!
I am very satisfied with the result so far achieved, surely the summer break from work has allowed me to work more quickly on translation.


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Gebolien · Luglio 29, 2021 alle 9:17 pm

How about uploading all this stuff somewhere?
I am very intrigued and it can’t be found anywhere else…

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