This is a very important part of the project. I’m scoreboard took almost two weekends to complete, but it was worth it.
Below is the pattern of relationships between Harlem Blade characters, but be careful, there are several spoilers on some details between the characters, especially the black darts, I advise you not to go beyond the original scheme from the Harlem Blade Guide:

This is the original Characters Relations Scheme for book edited by KSS

The scheme may seem initially quite complex, yet it is not so convoluted.
At the center of all the fencing, there can only be Cain. In general I can say that the more a character is far from fencing, the more he has a marginal role in the main story, with the exception of demons.

There are three groups of characters that are identified:
-The royals and the demons are characters that are not playable but quite distinct within the adventure

-The group of adventurers, they also have a role in terms of gameplay and it is essential to recruit them in order to continue the progress of the adventure.

All the female characters have their own “ending”, whose guide promises to gradually release it before and after the release of the translation of the game.
I repeat it again, the black writings contain spoilers on some aspects of the Harlem Blade narrative, so I ask you not to dwell too much.

The translate scheme of Characters Relations

As for the updates on the status of the translation .. I am very close to 50%, I am very satisfied with this result, I still think it is appropriate to release the patch only to fully translated game text, since the code does not follow an order “Logical” narrative, but in my opinion the previous implementation of game parts by the developers.

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