Time for Sketch!

Goodmorning everyone,
New update for the amateur translation of Harlem Blade.
The translation proceeds very well, we are 68% of the total number of translated lines, as far as the text of the dialogues is concerned.
Today I want to show you an “unofficial” product, in the sense that it is not directly distributed by Giga but it can be traced back to the author Takahiro Kimura.

“Atashi-O-Ski-ni” the collection “Tsuretette” is a collection of sketches and preparatory drafts on the various works of Kimura and in particular the fourth part is dedicated to Harlem Blade.
The small artbook is really beautiful and contains completely new images, such as a version of the cover for the Nec PC98 version of the game ever made.

The cover from NEC PC98 edition artwork:

The sketch:

The alternative version never release:

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