I need to fix le release date of translation, just a bit…

It is coming to an end this year and I can say that I am very satisfied with Harlem Blade’s translation work.
I closed both eyes on the quality limits on the translation, due to the restrictions on the usable characters (probably my programming limit, who knows).
I can say that I’m sorry I wasn’t able to make the first version of the translation of the game (initially scheduled for the end of this year …) but I can certainly say that the first version of the game will see the light for the early next year!
The narrative parts of the Apricot and Krim stories are still missing, but I trust to find them in the next lines of text to be translated.
At present, I have translated 85% of the code regarding the narrative text of the game, if I do not have particular hitches, I hope to finish everything in the next 2-3 months.
I admit that I am suffering a bit from the fatigue of this project … it is from January of the year that it is ending that every free moment I dedicate to the translation of this game, the goal is now near so I absolutely cannot give up.


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