The title is actually an exaggeration, because everything is summarized in an image, which you can see below:

I’m not sure if It’s a fan made or a original from Kimura, I guess a fan made.

Here begins and ends the Harlem Blade Doujin. it’s a joke? No, unfortunately no.
I bought this book convinced of finding interesting ideas on Harlem Blade, but I found that inside there are several hentai versions of other Kimura works, a mix of original images with many fan-made.
In the past I remember seeing something else about Harlem Blade always about Doujin, but at the time I didn’t have the intelligence to buy this product and in fact it disappeared from circulation, with no possibility of even finding some sample images.
What instead would definitely deserve a reading, but which unfortunately is practically untraceable is the 戯 画 大事 典 -The Encyclopedia of Giga- a doujin created by the first members of the software house Giga (including Kimura himself) who talk about their works once being resigned from Giga itself.

The female protagonist of Kimura/Giga videogames: Steam Hearts,Harlem Blade, Variable Geo

This is an unofficial product that collects very interesting information on the development of Harlem Blade and the two subsequent titles edited by Kimura in the period that worked for Giga, in the mid-90s.
I affirm that it is an unofficial product because despite being edited by Kimura himself, it is not approved or confirmed by Giga.
Based on the information I found on the product on Wikipedia ( % 83% 96% E3% 83% AC% E3% 82% A4% E3% 83% 89_% E3% 80% 9CThe_Greatest_of_All_Time.% E3% 80% 9C towards the end of the page) all members of the team who had followed the development of Harlem Blade had resigned before the release of the next chapters of the saga (Pure Mind and Harlem Blade 2)
Kimura remained to oversee some later works, including Harlem Blade 2 -Dark Angel and Variable Geo until Custom.
Now, the meaning of “overseeing a job” is honestly all to be interpreted.
If Variable Geo is a brawler and Kimura’s artistic contribution is important but relative on some aspects, for a role-playing game like Harlem Blade 2 the discourse is different.
This is my personal opinion, but in my opinion Kimura’s contribution was really marginal, because apart from the structure of “save the world and choose who will be your soul mate” the analogies end there. And not in a good way.
However, the encyclopedia of Giga was released in a second edition, with some additional artwork by Kimura, easily identifiable by the words “FINAL” and the cover change.

Regarding the progress of the translation, we are well on our way and I have exceeded 90% of the translated lines!
Arriving at the end of February with the first translated version of the game will really be an obstacle course, but for the moment I want to believe i can do it.
It’s been a year since I started and I think now more than ever, that the finish line is around the corner.


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