Hi guys,
I am very happy to inform you that I have completed the translation of all the texts of the plot, so the patch will be released in a few days.
No, there is still no patch in this post.
For me this is a moment of strong personal happiness, but a new part of the project begins.
I will translate the game guide to the various endings, but above all I will make posts about the translation, to better explain some passages.
Initially I wanted to do these posts before releasing the patch, but at this point I think it is important to bore the patience of those who have waited for this rough translation of the game.
If all goes well, I will release the game patch later this week, maybe on Valentine’s Day, if there aren’t too many commitments on that day 😉
I anticipate that in the attachment with the patch there will be a glossary with the shortened terms in the game. It will be quite long, but necessary, since there was not much space for the translation of the texts.
These days, in addition to patching the game I will try to test it a bit more, I have 2 more bytes on the original file that I can’t understand what may be due to it.
They shouldn’t be disabling to the game, but they could generate bugs … the problem with the game is that it is very long, so checking it could be just as long.
That’s all for now,

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