Good News, I’ve found the bug that I talk about on the previous post.

Honestly I was hope that little bug wasn’t so huge to ruin the game experience, but honestly I discover that generate problem when you try to enter on the first doungeon (mountain outside Natoka Village). Now the bug is fixed, so you can download below on the following link.


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Samken · Febbraio 17, 2020 alle 7:04 am

Please, if possible make an alternative version of the translation for the windows version as well.

It can be playable on modern windows x64 (7/8/10) using WineVDM available below:


It works just fine.

    Jenbrother · Febbraio 17, 2020 alle 10:25 am

    Hi Samken,
    Thanks for your answer, and thanks for your feedback.
    I’ll check WineVDM then, it should be great make a port of Windows version at this point.
    But anyway let me fix some points between PC98 version vs Windows version:
    -PCM audio is enable on last version of project neko II, that is quite near as quality to audio version of Windows version
    -You’re right about the dub of female characters, but honestly the quality of dub is quite low..audio is recorded in mono (you can heard noise during dub, it’s terrible)
    -moreover sometime some dub are mixed…you can hear Liqueur that have voice of Muffin and vice versa. This information is also reported on wikipedia official page…so, not a good work afterall.

    Anyway thanks for for you feedback I’ll consider the idea to port the translation to Windows.

KainLegacy · Marzo 19, 2020 alle 11:54 pm

Bro, thanks for all your work, this seems like the kind of VN that i would enjoy (like Rance), so you have all my support.

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