As promise before, here you can find the table of object that you can purchase or drop during the journey of Harlem Blade.

I working to find a way to translate it in-game but in the meantime, please take a look of the following table:

Original NameTranslationEffect
薬草HerbHP 100 recovery
ポーションPortionHP 300 recovery
ハイポーションHi-PotionHP 1000 recovery
毒消し草Poisonous eraserCure poison
気つけ薬MedicineCure paralysis
ジャガーバームJaguar balmCure poison and paralysis
スピリッツSpiritsSP 50 recovery
スぺリオールSuperiorSP 100 recovery
まんきんたんMankintanHP, SP total recovery
エリクサーElixirTotal recovery
ターキーTurkeyIncrease karma by 20
モスコミュールMoscome MuleIncrease karma by 10
ジントニックGin tonicKarma increase by 5
さしみSashimiKarma reduced by 3
カマンベールチーズCamembert cheeseKarma reduced by 5
梅干しSalted plumKarma reduced by 2
てっちりExactlyKarma reduced by 20
かにすきCrab sukiKarma reduced by 10
いせえびlobsterKarma reduced by 50
うにSea urchinKarma reduced to 0
さるの脳味噌Monkey brain misoKarma reduced to 0


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