Translate Harlem Blade isn’t easy, and to be honest, I surely can do a better job.

Anyway there are some characters that was totally impossible to translate what they try to say.

At the begin I was think that’s my lack of Japanese language, but after some time, I realize that was an author choice.

In both the cases, this situation remind me Charlies Brown’s teacher of Peanuts, a person that wasn’t unable to understand what he/she try to say.

King Kokuo

King of Mayplease is an ambiguous characters, during the story and especially during Millefleur and Noisette’s route Cain discover more about his past, anyway for the main story you have to talk with him.

He simply say no-sense and his entourage try to interpret his words.

After some line of translations, for me be became truly hard to understand him, so I make the decision to not translate his words.

Sythesize no-sense words makes no-sense.


Without make spoilers, Gargantua roar and scream all the time that he talk with Cain. Now…if he say something of understandable, for be is unknown, I can’t find not a single work that make sense, for me he scream and roar all the time, so I choose to not translate him.

These two are the characters that I make the decisions of not translate what they try to say, Kokuo have his entourage that speak for him, Gargantua have Cain that repeat what he try to say.


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