Raise Cain’s level isn’t so intuitive in Harlem Blade, but it exists several ways to do it, so I’ll explain now how can you raise Cain’s level.

Allies level instead works as standard way: grant exp and level up after end a battle.

We need to split this topic in two parts, because Cain can level up for a single level or for a multiple level.

Cain can grant exp as many as we want without level up, but at certain point we need to level up in order to continue to the quests.

As you can see, Cain can gain EXP without level up, it’s up to our action choose how many level raise him

We level up by 1 if:

-We spend at least 2 sleep hours  at Inn and after pay the maid we ask again for the “special service”

-We use the Millefleur art spring course

-We use the ironman course that can be bought at bar of Castle Town

We level up of several levels (as many exp we gained) if:

-We use the superman course that can be bought at bar of Castle Town

-We enter in intimacy with one heroine usually happen at the end of their route but for example Shake sisters are prostitutes and are seven so…)

Each sword that Cain can equip have an hidden skill that he can obtain by level up. Pay attention that level up limit is 100 and it’s quite easy to reach when you start to be strong, so manage the level up carefully if you want to collect Cain’s special skills.

Every time you clean the game or arrive the end of 30 days of quest, Pannacotta give you the opportunity to restart the game from the begin without


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