Here a part that I wold like to add from a lot of time, but I promise to myself to make it only when I finish to translate the game and make a decent guide for it.
I add all the soundtrack of Harlem Blade for PC-98 in the following playlist.
As always all right reverved by Giga, if it doesn’t like my work, I’ll delete in order to respect its copyrights.


  •     与えるもの (Sweethearts)
  •     木漏れ日 (Pastoral)
  •     拡がる荒野 (Openfield)
  •     歴史と伝承 (H.B. Main Theme)
  •     遥かなる展望 (Global Sight)
  •     溢れる力 (Progress Forces)
  •     王国の肖像 (Maplease Kingdom)
  •     闇を彷徨う (Wasteland)
  •     闇を彷徨う (Wasteland)
  •     賑わい (Prosperity)
  •     享楽の日 (Mayflower)
  •     時の浮島 (Chronopolis)
  •     鎮魂歌 (Requiem)
  •     追憶 (Reminiscene)
  •     それぞれの未来 (H.B. Ending Theme)
  •     新たな力 (Together)
  •     啓示 (Revelation)
  •     勝利者たち (Conqueror)
  •     時を越える (Take Back)
  •     休息 (Take a Rest)
  •     メイプリーズ創世 (Genesis)
  •     終局へ (Conclusion)
  •     トルテの子守歌 (Fortune Lullaby)
  •     真実(ほんとう)の勇気 (Hontou no Yuuki)
  •     真実(ほんとう)の勇気 (Hontou no Yuuki)
  •     求めるもの (Making Love)
  •     放たれた矢 (Counter Attack)
  •     慟哭 (Agony)
  •     危険を冒す者 (Risky Explorer)
  •     猛き蛮勇 (Brutal Courage)

Music composer: Takahiro Yonemura (CHEMOOL)

Categorie: Insights

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