Can you see the strange guy with a dragon on the left corner of the Inn, if yes, you’re already finish the game.

He is Exam (maybe the original translation was Sample but I prefer to call him Exam) and is an useful character for everyone that want to replay the game in order to unlock new finals.

If you pay him 1000 Peron he’ll give you the possibility to teleporth Cain in every city you want at every hour, since the beginning of the adventure.

He usually stay at Inn of every town of Mayplease but there are two city where there isn’t an Inn.

At Natoka Village you can find him at the base floor of Cain’s house on the left.

At Julbrest, you can find him at Friday Market (also the day when the market isn’t avalaible).

Remind to save some money because the guys is very useful but also expensive, and travel after travel you’ll spend tons of thousand Perons.

Another hits that is useful to know is about the playable heroine.

Each new run if you want to unlock them you have to clean all their story but luckly, the maintain the level of the last run.

Remember only to re-equip their armor and weapon, because they start with the basic version.

Don’t worry, all they had equip on the last run is in your inventory.

About the CG gallery, you can see the CG of each heroine only if you end the game with her.

There are a bad and a good news:

Bad News: I’ve to retire the last update because of a bug. Maybe some of you already discover it, because there isn’t any sound on the game!I try to fix it for weeks but at least I give up. I prefer to maintain the old version and retire the new one. I’m sorry for this situation, maybe in the future I’ll release a new one without this bug.

Good news: I’ll translate the article about the heroine that aren’t included on the two guides posted before.

Next post will be focus on them.


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