First at all, calm down: I not interview Takahiro Kimura, I simply translate one his old interview.

Somethime I add new content about Harlem Blade world and his realization, this time is an interview of Takahiro Kimura on the official Artbook edited by KSS.

Honestly I feel surprise of the tone of interview, maybe it’s japanese culture, maybe because we already know that after Harlem Blade Kimura left Giga, but I feel Kimura quite cold about the game and his development.

In any case, this is the only official interview of the game that I be able to find, there is another one as said some articles ago…where Kimura talk about the reason why he left Giga (he isn’t the only one,the entire staff that realize Harlem Blade left the company before the Windows release and in my personal opinion could be the reason why Kimura was so concise in his answers)

Note: “I” mean Interviewer, “K” mean Kimura.

On occasion of realize of Harlem Blade Artbook we interview the artist behind the drawn of Harlem Blade;

I:Takahiro Kimura is a character designer.He is already involved in two previous work of GIGA (Steam Hearts and Variable Geo), it’s your first RPG experience, please tell us how you journey in Harlem Blade is begin.

K:As you said, It’s my first RPG and I try to make a sketch for a characters (maybe the one near the page? By Jenbrother). It was stupid, nothink of serious, but they like it and we start to develop it.

I:What of aspect of this game like most?

K:All the characters in the game of double of CG of the previous my games, for me was a huge and stimulating work to do.

I:Which is the most difficult point that you found during you work for realize Harlem Blade?

K:There were so many HCG to realize…so it was important that each CG was different from the others.

I:Several reviewers remain impressed of how intense the CG are in Harlem Blade.

K:It’s think to make a good work afterall, I choose everything about the arts but I need to thanks Ketsukou Shindo for the one of Gargantua.

I:Please give us an anecdote about Harlem Blade.

K:I like Bonchi (it’s look like the draw assistant of Princess Millefleur, I’m quite sure by Jenbrother) he’s a poetic character and I draft him quite eccentric.

I:There is a character that you love or you hate in Harlem Blade?

K:I love Kokuo but not Tiramisu.She is so difficult to drawn especially her CG, she is the last one that I finish to drawn.

I:Can you confirm that a Windows version will be realize?

K:It’s early to say that.(but we know that it will be realise five years later by Jenbrother)

I:If a Windows version will be realize, may include some additional contect?Or you focus on other works?

K:It’s early to say that honestly.(but we already know that was the last work of Kimura for Giga and for all the staff that develop Harlem Blade)

I:If a version of Windows will be realize do you plan to play Harlem Blade again?

K:Honestly…I have a Mac, and 18+ game aren’t avalaible for that hardware…

I:What represent for you Harlem Blade Mr. Kimura?

K:I never believe that making game could be so difficult, for me this is a great work in my professional life.

I:To close the interview, what would you say to the fans of Harlem Blade?

K:We give the blood for this game and we made it to realize a gem for this hardware (PC98), so please give a try to Harlem Blade.

I:Thank you for your time Mr.Kimura.

translated by Jenbrother

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