Here we are again, today I post you three advertisement flyers that I find to the web and I buy, in order to scan it and post on the website.
Only one picture is from the reference store, sorry but the poster was too big for any scanner that I able to use, I guess is A1 format…the best I can do is to scan an A3.
The first one is the advertisement flyer of the KSS Artbook that was realeased several weeks before the Windows re-edition of the first Harlem Blade.

The picture from the shop that I buy it, sorry was too big to scan(A1 format)…

The second one is the advertisement flyers of the first version of Harlem Blade (the PC98 version),I scan each side of the flyer,it’s in A4 format:

front side
back side

See you soon for some HUGE news.


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Gebolien · Settembre 9, 2020 alle 8:18 pm

There was an announcement about the start of translation of HB2, but its gone. Why?

    Jenbrother · Settembre 10, 2020 alle 10:39 am

    That’s ok, I find a fatal error during the encoding tests some days ago but now it’s solved, so the translation resume and also the article.

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