Here we are once again.
I spend some months with another translation project (still ongoing,but it’s outside the Harlem Blade universe, so it doesn’t matter) and I’m ready to start to work on translation of Harlem Blade 2: Dark Angel.
I ask some help this time to try to make a better work, especially for the encoding. Not everything works perfectly, but we find a way to translate the title.
I’m not sure when I’ll finish it, I’ll try for the end of the year but it’s very hard to say…because my personal life will have great revolutions at the begin of next year…so…for the moment the patch is TBA.
As always, all right owned by GIGA and if it doesn’t like my work, it’s free to contact you to stop it and delete it. I’m just a great fan of Harlem Blade series and I want to translate the game as hobby an absolutely no commercial purpose.
It will a long journey but right now, I can say that I’ve the tools to start the translation.
See you soon,

Update of 28/09/2020
Hi Guys,
I’ve a big problem in order to translate the MAP files…Yes I can make a work like the first Harlem Blade, but honestly this time I prefer made a decent work, so I’ve to wait to fix this problem, because without it I can only made a raw translation of this parts and yes, it’s not a great result.
I let you know when the translation re-start again,I hope soon.

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