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While I translating Harlem Blade 2:Dark Angel, let go back to the original Harlem Blade for a little video about Android Gameplay of Harlem Blade.

I spend several months to find a way to play propertly Harlem Blade on a Portable Device and now, finally we can do it.

I’m not a videomaker and yes, you can see it clearly in this video,sorry for that.

I speak about of some file that you need to emulate propertly Harlem Blade:

These files need to be put on: Retroarch\system\np2kai

If these folders aren’t already displayed,please create them.

You need to have the following files to make the emulator work propertly:





You can find these file at the following link:


As said in the video, this workaround fix the problem of “crazy running” of Cain.

Yes the game should be slow down,but in my opinion is a good choice.

I use Ipega because I don’t like cover the screen with the fingers,moreover there is the problem of touchpad,that should be transform everything in a big mess.

Thank you for your attention,


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