Hi Everyone,
This time as I made for the first Harlem Blade, I want to show you the original package where Harlem Blade 2 was released in 2000.
Only 5 years are passed since the first chapter, but unluckly the quality of the box si decreased a lot…
Nothing to be surprised at least,the Win95 release of the First Harlem Blade was made as the same cheaper way.
The slipcase is vertical and every part of the box is made of cardboard,after 20 years of life, the plastic pc98 edition of Harlem Blade seem newest.

Front box
The cheaper vertical box

There as always the game manual and this time,no poster inside.Instead, there is a nice bonus:

Inside the box, there a silver package on the left

Three collections cards of the boxset picture, Lier and Santorina. I search on the web some additional informations about some form of collection, but I suppose there are the only one avalaible.

Collector’s cards – front side
Collector’s card – back side

About the translation, I reach the 70%! Honestly I’m not sure that the first release will be a complete translations of the game. Some parts still remain in japanese and I don’t know where to find the next,but for sure enough to be playable.


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