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As the first Harlem Blade, also the second chapter have an artbook, a sort of anthology to give you a deep view of Harlem Blade 2 universe.

As I said in other post, Harlem Blade 2 is a good game but it’s a smaller one if you compare it to the first chapter.

Front side
rear side

There is a lot of pictures,artworks and concepts arts but as game guide, very few pages…

There is also an interview to the Character designer , that I’ll translate and post after the end of translation project.

Moreover there is a world map, and yes, it’s my intention to translate in after the end of translation project.

My feedback about this artbook it’s similar to the game: It’s a good but smaller production of the original Harlem Blade.

The quality of the game in general is good, but the idea that the game is much simplified from the original is evident.

There are few characters and those who are there, although well characterized, have no substories or narrative intertwining between them.

The replay system of the first has been completely canceled in favor of a system of choosing one’s own well-defined narrative path.

Although with the best tools, one fact is quite eloquent: it took me a year to translate the first Harlem Blade, but it took me only 5 months to translate the second chapter.

Inevitably, the contents of the artbook go hand in hand, a shame but it makes it clear why the series has not continued over time.Three artworks are exclusive for the artbook release, you can them below:

Moreover there is also a poster in A3 size that contain an hot artwork of Mint and Lier, it a NSFW image, so please consider it before open it:

About the translation progress…I reach the 80% of total just yesterday. Now I’m quite sure: I can reach the conclusion of the translation for the end of the year!


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