Hi everyone,
This is very short post.
Below you can take a look to the promotional video used for the Harlem Blade 2 lauch in 2000.

Harlem Blade 2: Dark Angel promo video

Moreover I can confirm that the translation is almost complete!I’m up to 95% of the total!
After complete the translation I would like to take some days (maybe a couple of weeks) to test if everythink work fine, after that I’ll release the patch that it will be a Xdelta patch…but this time much easy to apply than the first Harlem Blade!
I also take some time to write a tutorial about how to patch and what is translated and what not…
I can tell from now that I’m unable to translate di opening video,but for the rest…more or less everything should be translated!
That’s all for now, thank you for your attention,


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