Hi Everone,
Here we go, here you can find the patch for Harlem Blade 2 Dark Angel.
This time it’s more easier apply the patch, just follow the read me about HB patch in the 7zip archive.
The game is almost translated, the only part that I’m unable to translate is the intro, but don’t worry.
I’ll release during the next days a translation picture by picture of the text, in order to do not miss it.
All right reserved by Giga. If they don’t agree with this patch, they’re free to contact me in order to remove it from the website.
I don’t encourage the piracy so I only leave the patch files.
Don’t ask me a copy of the game, I buy it by myself, do it you too.
Support Giga by purchase their product from shops or e-shops.
I release the patch file and not the files already patched.
Thanks to Giga to create Harlem Blade saga!Also many thanks to Phoenix the create an easy tool like DeltapatcherLite.
Preserve always the original files(expecially the SCRIPT.TPF) somewhere in your pc or from the original game disk.
The translation may generate bugs, I personally spend months to solve most of them, but some of them should pop-up.
When a bug pop-up, overwrite the patched file with an original one, move foward to the game, then repatch the original file again.

The future will be focus on Harlem Blade 2 world map, strategy to clean all the story paths and translation of interview of Isono Satoshi, character designer of the game.
Moreover, I find an intro+trailer video different from the previous post:


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5 commenti

Luca · Gennaio 30, 2021 alle 6:37 pm

Thank for your hard work!

essa mubarak · Gennaio 31, 2021 alle 6:52 pm

just came here to say thank you, your amazing to translate 50 plus hours games in one year.

Gebolien · Agosto 25, 2021 alle 8:17 pm

So… where are On Air news?

    Jenbrother · Settembre 7, 2021 alle 2:54 pm

    I’ll move all not-Harlem Blade projects on another website, just to leave the Project Harlem Blade focused on its original serie.

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