ON AIR share the same Character designer of Harlem Blade: Takahiro Kimura

Well, most of them should make the note that it isn’t a chapter of Harlem Blade…and that’s true, but It’s a game that share a lot of common point with Harlem Blade series, first at all the author: Takahiro Kimura.
This game is one of two develop by Brownie, a software house that was very unlucky because his life only last one year, before close for bankrupt.
On Air was the first game and suffer of several bugs, the greatest one is that you need to disable the voice and the special effect in order to make it work propertly.
A patch was release by Brownie, but the result was that was only able to add other bugs in order to solve some of the originals one. In general and to be totally honest: a disaster.
But on hair is a well-made and ispired data-sim, with a great character design and a humor that is difficult to be found in other production.
Maybe because of these bugs, maybe because of Brownie fall down, it remain unknown to the most of the users.
I think this game is a “hidden gem” and that’s why I make the decision to start a translation of it.
After Harlem Blade 1 & 2, I try to begin another translation but the motivations are low (Chiruhana: forbidden love, just to be clear) so I make the decision to fall down the project and publish a partial translation.
For On Air the topic is different: It’s a translation that I want to begin and move it to conclusion.
I start the translation right now, so we are at the very beginning, I hope to finish it for the end of this year, but all depend of my personal situation and the lentgh of translation that for now it’s difficult to quantify.
All the rights about On Air are own by Brownie or someone who hire it. It’s an amatorial job, without any lucrative purpose, if this work isn’t appreciated by the right holders, please contact me in order to stop the translation and I’ll delete my work.
Updates in the next months, until then…see you soon!!


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