After an year, another patch!

Surprise,surprise! Another patch after one year!
Nothing of incredible special,but some fix to the translation or order to make it much “readable”.
Here the main change from the previous version:
-All the dots that was used as space between words are removed
-Most of the character names was edited in order to make them most understandable
For example now “Cai” is became “Cain” or “Abe” is became “Abel”
It’s nothing of special to be totally honest, bust it’s an improvement from the previous version.
You can download this version into the link below:

See you soon!

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MemeMan · Maggio 27, 2021 alle 4:57 pm

Hi Jenbrother! First off, thank you for bringing attention to this wonderful game! I’ve always loved how PC-98 games look, and to have it playable in my native language is absolutely fantastic. If possible, I’d like to edit your patch to make it more readable for English speakers. Would you be willing to share information on how you created your patch with me? Thank you!

    Jenbrother · Maggio 28, 2021 alle 3:05 pm

    For the future I’ll move to translate propertly the Windows version of Harlem Blade, this time without text limitation (And I hope) bugs.

    Jenbrother · Maggio 28, 2021 alle 3:07 pm

    Hi MemeMan,
    I try to edit the patch tto extend the text several time, but now I choose to translate the Windows version without any particular restriction on the text. I’ll write a post in the future weeks.

      MemeMan · Maggio 29, 2021 alle 5:52 am

      I see, you’re moving to the Windows version. I hope everything goes smoothly! I’ll be looking forward to your future updates, then.

      If you ever feel that you need a native speaker to look over your work, feel free to send me an e-mail.

        Jenbrother · Agosto 10, 2021 alle 9:57 pm

        For the moment the windows version is paused, not because the extraction but instead for the rebuild of the file that seem to be unable to show as half width text, I work with a very skilled guys on the files but it’s not a piece of cake, the porting of this games was…very complicated, so also touch some code parts it’s a pain.

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