Yes, I still working of it!

Welcome back!
Of course the project still going on! There are several factors that make the translation slower: Family updates, work, other projects that are on going but it’s too early to annouce because they are still a situation “able/unable to do them”.
By the way, below you can find a small video preview of On Air Translation in English.
We are still at the begin, but the translation project continue!

Sorry I forgot to set it in fullscreen mode when I recorded…

As you can see, there is no voice acting, that’s because of a bug of the original games.
Just to be clean, the original game was a mess.
Voices and special effect are unable to play if you interrupt them by click accidentally the screen. There isn’t a auto mode feature in order to bypass this problem.
I prefer to disable them in order to avoid the crash, but yes, it’s a real pity.
Maybe in the future who help me with the code will find a way to make the voice and SE works propertly, until them I suggest to disable them.
See you next time,


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